About Dré

His Work

Dré Johnson has been featured in research journals, newspaper articles, social sites and more! He served as a School Social Worker and Regional Diversity Facilitator creating diversity curriculum for 54 schools throughout New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts before relocating to Florida. He is currently a Diversity, Equity, and Justice Professor. He is also a psychotherapist using teletherapy to support clients nationwide. The experienced lobbyist, educator and advocate most recently published an article for the School Social Work Journal on preventing mass shootings in schools. Dré has facilitated workshops, moderated countywide initiatives, town hall meetings and presented on the international stage.


Dré Johnson, born and raised in Rochester, NY graduated high school from the country's lowest graduating district for Black and Latino males at an abysmal 9%. Now he is a member of the nation's largest National Honor Society for Social Workers (Phi Alpha). He published his first research article as a college student the State University of New York on systemic racism and it's effects on people of color. He was later awarded the Provost Fellowship from Florida Atlantic University to present and publish research for the National Association for Social Work (NASW) Conference. Dré also earned the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Minority Fellowship along with 40 other top performing scholars nationwide. Dré is a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) the largest professional organization for social workers. He studied African & African-American Studies at the University of Ghana while completing his Bachelor of Social Work. Dré is passionate about working with youth and families as well as educating faculty and staff on topics of mental health, equity, and inclusion. 

What's Next for Dré?

His vision to close the achievement gap between vulnerable populations and their more affluent counterparts by educating and empowering one person at a time. Dré is working on a few different projects nationally with consultants and contemplating PhD programs.

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